Real time surgery and performance enhancement are possible when a mercenary in the field is Tethered to a body in a remote operating room, functioning together as the ultimate human weapon. However, as our soldier soon finds out, this military demonstration has a dark twist. This will be a more polished version of the story told in our POC.


EPISODE 2: Wealthy Elite v Poor Trainer

In a near-future dystopia where the wealthy elite tether to poor “trainers” to stay healthy for them, one desperate trainer sees an opportunity for a special kind of hostage situation.


EPISODE 3: Athlete v Disabled Child

As a part of his court order, famous athlete Ron Draco has to link up to disabled children at a sports-themed summer camp, but when the season approaches, his body begins to deteriorate and he realizes to his horror that the link never fully severed. Meanwhile, those kids are getting awfully strong...


EPISODE 4: Programmer v Hacker/Murderer

A programmer's body is hijacked, making her the unwilling perpetrator of a night of brutal murders. Trapped within her own body and doomed to helplessly watch herself commit a series of heinous killings while the actual killer is miles away wearing a VR helmet, she must find a way to break the link, stop the killer and clear her name. 



Before the implementation of the “kill-switch” in Phase-II, unfortunate Phase-I participants were unable to fully detach from one another at the end of their trials, forcing them to live the rest of their lives in a constant state of mild-connectivity where each is largely responsible for the health and well-being of the other (talk about a strain on a friendship!). Five years later, one former participant finds himself in a situation where he must save the person he hates most in the world in order to save himself.



Set in a war-torn post-apocalyptic future where humanity has embraced neo-tribalism and each clan must fend for themselves in a world of violence and chaos, the sentinel in charge of sleeping for the tribe (a sort of reverse night watchmen) gets insomnia.