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Short description

Tether is a Science Fiction series that plays with the dark side of new technology. Each episode exists independently of the others, connected only by the Quantum Tether Link - a small physical implant at the base of the skull that allows for two or more people to be entangled at the atomic level. From sophisticated psychological drama to bone crunching action, this technology creates a phenomenon of limitless storytelling applications and perspectives.


Tether currently in development as a Science Fiction/Drama Television Series with Tim Reis (Bad Blood: The Movie, Goat Witch, The Demon’s Rook) as showrunner and several other up and coming directors interested as potential episode directors. For example: Joe Begos (Almost Human, The Mind’s Eye), Graham Skipper (Sequence Break), Jackson Stewart (Beyond the Gates), Jenna Kanell (Max & the Monster, Bumblebees), and Mark Covino (A Band Called Death, The Crest). We are currently working with Arvold Casting (Loving, House of Cards, TURN), seeking name talent.

Production schedule | budget

Tether is built to be shot with 2 months preproduction, 2 months production, and 2 months post production. We are seeking full funding of $600,000 for 6 episodes ($50K/per), including talent ($150K), post production ($75K), and marketing/distro fees ($75K). A $10,000 investment has already been made into the Proof of Concept below.



Proof of concept


Doctor - Mark Ashworth (The Magnificent Seven, Lore (TV series))

Guard - Dietrich Teschner (TURN (TV Series), Mercy Street (TV Series), Lore (TV Series))


Director Tim Reis (Bad Blood: The Movie, Goat Witch, The Demon’s Rook)

Cinematographer Marc Dobieki (Sabotage, Zombieland, The Walking Dead)

Stunt Coordinator Alessandro Folchitto (Stranger Things, Avengers: Infinity War, Spider-Man: Homecoming) 

VFX Supervisor Derek King (Atlanta, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell)

SFX Supervisor Shane Morton (Your Pretty Face, Too Many Cooks)


Casting Director (for series) Erica Arvold | Arvold Casting (Loving, House of Cards)